Brazil’s Bikini Girls

May 25, 2005

Flickr? More like a roaring bonfire of hot, sexy photo love!

I have started playing with Flickr to store my photos. My challenge is that I plan to produce a lot of photos on my trip around the world. I estimate 200-400 photos per week. A 7 mega pixel jpeg is about 3 megs, so I expect to be producing 2 to 4 gigs a month of new photos. I’d like to store these somewhere other than with me on the road. This way I won’t lose them if I lose a bag. Additionally, I’d like to share at least some of them online with people as I travel.

I had originally planned to host the photos myself on my website, but ultimately I am not likely to do this because…

Hosting them myself is work.
I’d have to pick a software package to use. It would probably be an open source package called gallery, but I’d need to research it some more to be sure. Using an open source package would give me maximum flexibility and control. But, whatever I picked, I’d need to install, manage and customize it. That would take time and effort.

Hosted disk space is expensive.
My web hosting company, Dream Host offers great deals for hosting (use promo code 777 and pay $9.24 for the entire year, not per month, but for the entire year of hosting). However, it is quite expensive if I want to add 40 gigs of additional storage (to the 2.5 gigs I have) for high res photos.

Not hosting the photos makes back up hard and means additional work.
If I don’t upload all of my high res versions to the web then I have to burn them to CD / DVD and mail them back from my year long trip around the world. I may do this anyway as backups between uploads when I am in remote places with little or no Internet access, but having to do so all the time is a burden, it also doesn’t facilitate sharing them.

Since I am still comfortable ensconced in my home office with a cable modem and a large supply of unhosted photos from previous trips, I thought I’d give Flickr a try. I have a little time before I head out on my trip around the world in September, so if it doesn’t work out it is not too late to change.

I decided to try Flickr after being caught in the Yahoo buys Flickr media storm. My interest in Flickr was in large part based on the fact that I have a lot of respect for Jeremy Zawodny and he seems to think about many of the same issues of data storage that I have been thinking about. He is also coming to many of the same conclusions.

As I began uploading my photos to Flickr I found that it was a pretty powerful application and that there was an active community there. It was still not quite as quick as managing my photos form the desktop, but it was pretty good and it offers nice features for tagging, sharing and searching. If anybody from Flickr is reading this I have a pro account and I’d really like to pay double to be able to upload twice as much.

I got a nice note about some of my Brazil photos from Lorenzo and a few people marked some photos of kids or street scenes as among their favorites. This was nice and made me feel good about my photos, but as I uploaded more photos and played with Flickr it seemed that pretty girls in bathing suits (or less) got all the attention.

As an experiment I grabbed a handful of photos form the streets and beaches of Rio De Janeiro and cropped out some women in bikinis. I added some descriptive tags and POOF. Within 15 minutes of uploading the photos in my Brazil’s Bikini Girls set each of the photos had more views than any of my other photos that had been uploaded for days. Now that the swimsuit clad ladies of Copacabana and Ipanema have been up for 24 hours they have more views than my other 600+ photos combined. In fact the only photo that can even compete a little bit with girls in bikinis is Kentucky Fried Santa

I must confess this post itself is a little experiment to see if it too will increase the exposure (no pun intended) of my site in the same way that my flickr photo set has.

For all my friends and colleagues and those of you not looking for sexy Latin ladies, here are some other photos from Brazil:


  1. Brazil’s Bikini Girls

    The experiment worked!…

    Trackback by Beach Party — May 26, 2005 @ 2:06 am

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I stumbled upon a post where you say you have rewritten the flickr-gallery plugin, as DreamHost is not supporting FOPEN commands. I have a hosting provider here in the Netherlands that is not supporting fopen as well, so I’m looking for the script. Can you please send me your version, so that I can use that? I can’t find it nowhere else!

    Would be great if you could help me out!

    Best Regards,

    Comment by Daniel — July 2, 2005 @ 6:40 am

  3. [...] Aside from obsessing over the weather, I have been doing things of actual value believe it or not. I finally made the jump to Flickr and have a sweet pro account, thanks to a generous friend. I am pretty taken by their tools, and with the neat things you can do with syndication, badges, tagging, moblogging, and the like. I’m looking forward to really digging into it and becoming a full fledged Flickr nerd once I explore each and every corner of functionality. The main thing that had kept me from moving to Flickr, was a somewhat irrational need to have all of my photos contained on my own webspace. I was pretty invested in my use of Gallery, and needed some real motivation to make the move. The tipping point, for lack of a better term, was my sudden and unexpected interest in other people’s photos. I really didn’t think I would be so caught up in the networking and sharing aspect of Flickr, but each day I find myself spending fifteen or twenty minutes browsing random photos. I am hoping that others also stumble across mine once they are all up there, and that I make some new connections through the site. I plan on taking my 2 or 3 gigs of photos and moving them over from Gallery as soon as I get the chance, hopefully this week. In addition, I plan on using Flickr and Flickr Groups to power the photo galleries and photo sections of two other projects that are undergoing some serious overhauls this summer. [...]

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