Fortune cookie offers “greater perspective”

June 10, 2005

Picture of a fortune cookie My wife recently got a fortune cookie that seemed to bode well for travel. Last night I got mine. The photo is blurry, but it says: “Traveling this year will bring your life into greater perspective.” How perfect is that?

I am excited about traveling, but just being on sabbatical is changing my perspective. It has made it much easier for me to focus on my health. Since I left work, I have started to diet with the help of Calorie King’s Palm Diet Diary, it was recommened by Jeremy Zawodny. The last time I successfully dieted, I used a palm product called Diet Log from Healthetech, but it stopped working when I upgraded to my Treo 600. The mere process of logging what I eat has very positive affects on my eating habits. While logging everything I eat is a little tedious, I am excited to be doing it again because it offers me a sense of control over the process and makes me more conscious about the choices I am making. I am a firm believer that if I can’t measure, I can’t manage.

I am also getting lots more exercise both in and out of the gym. While I would be dieting and exercising in any case I am particularly motivated by a twinge of fear about the rigors of the climb of Kilimanjaro. More about my plan to tackle Kili soon.

Beyond eating less and exercising more, I went to a concert tonight (on a school-night no less!) It was fun! After the concert walking on Newbury street, I was stunned (as usual) to be reminded how many people are out and about having a late supper at Cafe Armani or socializing over cocktails at Ciao bella at 11:30 on a week night. I could never manage to do that when I had a job. Good for them.

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