Feliz Cumpleanos a Libby

September 16, 2005

Panama City — Casco Viejo. Tonight, a friend here in Panama city invited us to tag along to his friend’s birthday party with the young Jewish scenesters of Panama city. We went to a trendy restaurant in the old part of the city, Casco Viejo. We had a delicious dinner in a former jail cell right across the street from the mayor’s house. Now that is gentrification!

It was a reminder of what a delight it is to see a city through the eyes of the locals. Libby, the birthday girl, is a Colombian that lived in Israel for several years before moving to Panama recently, but most of this group has grown up together. It was a treat to peek inside this established community and to learn about the businesses, relationships and lives of these people.

Here some photos of a great evening.

We have to catch a plane to San Blas in just 5 hours so the details of our little adventure of taking the bus to the locks of Miraflores this morning will have to wait, but some photos of the Panama Canal are now uploaded.

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