Swimming to Cambodia? That’s nothing.

November 1, 2005

Seth and friends on unicycles A few people have told me that I was crazy to take a year long trip around the world, but truth be told, it is not really that uncommon. There are lots of books about round the world travel and I know plenty people of people that have done it.

I have taken a shot at sky diving, land sailing and wind surfing. I plan on climbing Kilimanjaro and bungee jumping from Victoria Falls. For me it is an adventure, but it is really off-the-shelf adventure. Every so often I come across somebody who is doing something really creative, really “out there”.

My friend, Seth Golub, is training to unicycle across Laos. But wait, there’s more… he is not the only one.

If you come across other interesting trips and adventures, please let me know.

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