Chech Mate(s)

December 1, 2005

You never know who you’ll meet on the road. I spent three weeks travelling with Barbara, a Brazilian woman, and Ronald, her Slovak boyfriend. In Bariloche, Ronald met Pavel and Petr, two Chech guys with an environmental clean up company in Prague. They were on vacation in Argentina and preparing to head down route 40 on their BMW motorcycles. We all met up for some drinks and to make a night of it.

There was drinking involved, and not all of the details are completely clear, but some of the evenings highlights included:

  • Watching Petr consume a seemingly endless series of flaming B-52 shots while wearing a hat with fake dreadlocks.
  • Everyone taking their turn arm wrestling Pavel.
  • Watching them pick up the waitress. That is, literally pick her up and hold her 4 feet off the ground for a photo.
  • Our accidental foray in to a techno bar where the average age could hardly have topped 18 and a half.

Suffice it to say when they invited us to look them up in Prague, I instantly said I would.

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