Yahoo! A snack.

December 10, 2005

deliciousYahoo has acquired This is great for Joshua who started an for me even though Joshua never took me up on my offer to work with him. It is great for me (and you) because is a terrific service for both keeping track of interesting sites when you are away from your computer (perhaps on a round the world trip), but also because it is a great way to find interesting sites.

Essentially is a way to store your bookmarks online. You can organize them by assigning “tags” essentially keywords. will tell you how many other people have bookmarked the same thing (or anything else you search for) which gives you a good idea of how relevant something is. It is not dissimilar to the way Google uses page rank. It sort of reminds me of the early days of yahoo when it was really a directory edited by humans.

The other reason that this is particularly exciting is because does a much nicer job of implementing tags than flickr. It offers all sorts of slick features that I hope to see make there way in to flickr.

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