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December 12, 2005

Collage of Buenos Aires PhotosBefore I left I talked to my friends Colin and Angie (both great photographers) and asked them to look at some of my pictures. I wanted to know how I could take better pictures. Angie was very kind in talking to me about composition and the rule of thirds. But, she kept saying things like, this is a nice photo, but… The conversation concluded with both her and Colin telling me that I need an SLR camera rather than a point and shoot to improve my photos. Well after much agonizing I concluded they were right!

I bought a Canon Digital Rebel XT and I have been playing with it for the last four days here in Buenos Aires.

See a selection of Buenos Aires Photos from my new camera. They are not too bad…


  1. Nice! I came to this conclusion a couple years ago, but had been putting off doing anything about it for a while. I actually just acquired a Canon Digital Rebel 300D myself. Maybe one day I’ll have the time to learn about photography. ;)

    Comment by John — December 12, 2005 @ 11:31 am

  2. Buy a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens It is really cheap and great for Bokeh (that Subject in focus, blurry backround effect). It was also helpful in forcing me to move to get the composition I wanted since there is no zoom. Finlly it is vest “fast”, that is it has a big aperture and is great for low light.

    Comment by Jonathan — December 12, 2005 @ 11:38 am

  3. Nice shots. Do you feel at all that you are taking better photos because of increased CONFIDENCE in the ability to take better photos that comes with the niced camera, or because of the actual increased QUALITY of the camera? I know I have taken some great photos with a crappy camera, but when I upgraded, I found myself considering angles, colors, lighting, and other things that I had neglected with my old camera. I think sometimes it is a bit like Dumbo and thinking the feather helped him to fly…just a thought. Either way, nice pics!

    Comment by Andrew — December 12, 2005 @ 1:16 pm

  4. The camera clearly takes better photos. No doubt. However there is more at work here too.

    Before the upgrade, I spent a fair amount of time before thinking about composition and trying several shos to get the image I wanted. Sometimes, I had time to be selective, sometimes I just dumped the whole lot into flickr with the thought that I’d sort it out when I had time. Before I never did anycolor correction or cropping, I considered flickr the repository of my “negatives”, planning to do the other work later.

    The pictures you see in the Buenos Aires set on the other hand were all picked from lots of experimenting and usually color corected. Some are cropped very substantially.

    I am really just beginning to learn about what I can do with my new camera, but right away the new camera immediately makes it possibleto focus much more precisly. The autofocus system in much more sophisticated and flexible. The abilty to use a fast prime lense like the 50mm mentioned above lets me shoot much more easily in low light. The burst mode is also much better than the one on my other camera.

    Comment by Jonathan — December 12, 2005 @ 1:27 pm

  5. Jonathan, if you find yourself using your popup flash, unhappy with the results, and timid about purchasing or using an flash in your hot shoe, pick yourself up a LumiQuest Soft Screen. The improvements are significant, but not professional. The Soft Screen will produce softer shadows and more natural lighting on your subjects. If you get the itch to try a real flash, by which I do not intend to imply anything akin to real man, drop me a line and I can talk you through your flash selection and purchase.

    (Essentially, if you don’t require a high power flash, you’d be fine with a Canon SpeedLight 420EX or 430EX. The former can be had for cheap on sites like B&H because it’s a retired model. If you go this route, you’ll need to practice bouncing light and adjusting for the loss of light, but don’t worry, it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. And if you go this route, you’ll need rechargable batteries from Thomas Distributing or some such company.)

    Comment by Daniel — December 12, 2005 @ 4:04 pm

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