Who is that masked man?

March 17, 2006

Following up on yesterday’s Arts and crafts theme…

I really like African masks. Here are four masks that I bought on the coast of South Africa (though the masks themselves are from Mali and Cameroon). Soyan doesn’t like these quite as much as the baskets, so they will have to adorn my office rather than the living room.

What I am suffering over is whether to buy (and ship) a pair of Bangwa carvings of an man and a woman that I have found. They are each 5 feet tall and quite magnificent, but I’ll need a big room to put them in on the other end.

If I don’t buy them I’m afraid I’ll regret it. If I do, I am afraid I’ll find them to be more hassle than I ultimately feel they were worth?

I’d welcome your feedback on how you pick souvenirs to buy and how you pick art to buy…

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