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October 22, 2007

Most current map of the fire near my home

Current as of 7pm PT: Bright red is the fire, light red is the evacuation.

I have not really been writing much here since I settled down in San Diego, but there are huge fires burning all over San Diego and I thought I’d share some of the madness.

About 6:30 AM I woke up there was soot all over my house and the sky was very smoky.

I went to Starbucks to get some coffee and shoot some photos of the sun… Except I keep losing the sun in all the smoke.

I wasn’t really worried, but I did stop by the hardware store about 7:40 and find that had already sold out of breathing masks. People all seemed very edgy.

I listen to the radio and they confirmed that things had gotten much worse over night.

I went home turned on the TV and everything seemed sufficiently far away.

I tried to do some work but as friends started IM’ing me I got a bit more nervous.

We started to think if we ever did need to evacuate what would we take…

We put together some papers (insurance, deed, etc) just in cases.

Did some more work.

The evacuation area got bigger but we were still 1-1.5 miles east of the edge of the evac area.

Then they called for the voluntary evacuation of “some areas” of Solana Beach.

Then the called my streets…

Right now, Solana Beach fire officials are going door to door on those 12 streets to advice residents to leave. Those streets are: 700 Seabright Lane; 200 Patty Hill Drive; 600 Barbara Ave.; 700 Rios Ave.; 700 Granados Ave.; 600 Holmwood Lane; 700 Rawl Place; 600 Canyon Place; 400-600 Canyon Drive; 600 Ridgeline Place; 600 Glencrest Place; and 400-500 Glencrest Drive.

Traylor said the canyon rim is the city’s highest fire danger zone because of an abundance of vegetation. “We are trying to be ahead of the curve,” he said.

We packed up and head south to La Jolla on the 101. Most of the traffic was headed north and we got a little nervous, but as soon as we got past del mar the air was much clearer.

For now are ok and in LJ, hopefully the house will be ok too.

Photos coming soon.

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