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Gravestone I am passionate. I am goal oriented. Sometimes, I can be a tiny bit obsessive. I have been doing a lot of research and planning for my trip. I'd really like to leave the itinerary open and flexible, but I keep planning because there is just so much I'd like to see and do. Other people's lists bear some of the blame (or credit) for the extensive list. Ever since I discovered the website, I have been mesmerized. The site begins with a simple question: "How many of the world's top 100 wonders have you seen?" It goes on to offer a thoughtful, objective and continuously updated (since 1968) list of the top 100 (and top 1000) places to see, selected by a thoughtful and very well traveled writer. I've seen Twenty One of them, but who is counting? It seems like a lot of people are counting. My brother shared his critique of A clearly less ambitious friend recommend My wife gave me June's with the article "99 Things to Do Before You Die. " She also mentioned that in last month's issue I missed a good article on the "100 Greatest Adventures. " The pace has quickened. Just five years ago the overachieving executive and corporate mogul magazine, thought one could get away with a mere The article begins. . .

In 1902, as he lay dying at the age of 48, Cecil Rhodes could look adhd atomoxetine 10mg pills $194.00 back on a not undistinguished career. He had made [adhd atomoxetine 10mg pills $194.00] a vast fortune in gold and diamonds. Adhd atomoxetine 10mg pills $194.00 he had built railroads through the wilderness and become one of the century's great rulers. He had created an empire adhd atomoxetine 10mg pills $194.00, which is more than your average 48-year-old has on his resume. But Rhodes was not going gentle into any good night. On his deathbed he was heard muttering, "So little done, so much to do. "
I never knew it but there is a whole concept of making "Life Lists". There is even a book on it: All this life list obsession reminded me of an old episode of Ira Glass's called in which a five year old "Zora had recurring dreams in which she was a 6'5" warrior queen who could fly and shoot lightning from her hands. She made a list of all the skills she would need to master if she wanted to actually become the superhero she dreamed of being. Sample items: martial arts, evasive driving and bomb diffusion. She actually checked off most things on the list. . . and then had a run-in with the CIA. " She the list ruled her life and she accomplished virtually everything on it until she failed to get the job of her dreams, and then it called everything in to question. All this leaves me feeling a little ambivalent. The goal setter in me loves the life list idea and of course the I am just about to cross off a big one with my upcoming year long trip around the world. On the other hand it feels a little bit like setting goals to "relax and take life as it comes" is a bit of a contradiction in terms. I had one friend who set goals about how many hours of sleep he'd get. I really truly believe that what gets measured gets managed, but sleep goals always stuck me as funny. Tell me what you think! To make life lists or not? If you are in the list camp what do you want to do before you die?

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