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The Chinese are not a verbally polite people. You'll effectively never hear them say "Please" or "Thank You". In fact, a typical Chinese response from a waiter or other service personnel to a customer's "Thank You" is translated as "There is no need to be polite. " Some Chinese even refer to Americans as "The Thank You People, " because of our constant use of the phrase. Maya, a friend in Beijing, suggested that this is also because Americans generally don't know any other words in Chinese. It is, however, hard to deny the American "Have a nice day" culture. Customer service in [amitriptyline 75mg pills $101.00] China outside of large western style hotels and restaurants is generally competent, amitriptyline 75mg pills $101.00 but certainly not effusive. It seems, however, that at least one organization in China has decided to focus on customer service amitriptyline 75mg pills $101.00, taking to heart the need for visible measurement and constant feedback. I was changing money in the Bank of China in Xian, and there was a small electronic box on the counter in front of every teller. It showed the tellers current rating from 1 to 5 stars and asked you to rate your transaction with a push of a button. Amitriptyline 75mg pills $101.00 i got excellent service and rated my teller accordingly, but beyond that, i was delighted to feel like i had any easy instant feedback channel. On the other hand, I am not sure how my employees would have reacted if I had suggested putting boxes like these on their desks.

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