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It was a sushi lunch, but it felt like the final supper. Today we spent the day the day in Tokyo on our way back from Malaysia. We took the train from the airport in to Tokyo -- round trip train tickets for two. . . $100 (ouch)! We had some sushi and went to see the Royal Gardens, now we are waiting to fly to Honolulu where we have one night at the beach and then back to the continental US. , with all of Asia layed before me, waiting to be explored. Now I am here ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 again, but this time headed home. It has been a grand adventure and I have really loved it! I have seen and done the unexpected, met wonderful people and tasted what I could of this exciting continent. While I [ansaid 200mg pills $124.00] am looking forward to reconnecting with friends and the convenience of not carrying everything I own, I am sad to be heading home. I know other adventures await ansaid 200mg pills $124.00, but it is hard to see how they will compete with vagabonding. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 there is a unique freedom in waking everyday and saying. . . "If I could go anywhere and do anything, what would it be?" That's how I celebrated my 35th birthday learning to scuba dive in Malaysian Borneo. I have lots more stories and photos yet to tell so check back and I'll try and catch up on the month in Thailand I have skipped and a few other tidbits. In the mean time they are calling my plane, so thanks to all the wonderful people we have met and let's see what the future holds. . .

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