Let’s do the time warp again.

December 15, 2005

Please forgive the time wrap of out of sequence posts. We have been in Buenos Aires for the last 2 weeks and arrived in La Paz, Bolivia yesterday. We are here in an effort to acclimatize before our climb. In a week we go to Africa.

Before we leave South America, I am cleaning my virtual closets of all sorts of things that I had been meaning to mention. Which is why the posts about Santiago have just appeared.

Coming soon is a taste of Patagonia, Buenos Aires and Bolivia.

Buenos Aires: Buenos Photos

December 12, 2005

Collage of Buenos Aires PhotosBefore I left I talked to my friends Colin and Angie (both great photographers) and asked them to look at some of my pictures. I wanted to know how I could take better pictures. Angie was very kind in talking to me about composition and the rule of thirds. But, she kept saying things like, this is a nice photo, but… The conversation concluded with both her and Colin telling me that I need an SLR camera rather than a point and shoot to improve my photos. Well after much agonizing I concluded they were right!

I bought a Canon Digital Rebel XT and I have been playing with it for the last four days here in Buenos Aires.

See a selection of Buenos Aires Photos from my new camera. They are not too bad…