Keeping Warm in Chile

December 13, 2005


We spent a lovely Sunday in the park with George and Georgette showing us how to keep warm in Chile. It realy was bautiful weather and we enjoyed strolling around the green areas of Santiago. While I generally found Argentina to be more passionate, clearly the Chileans can warm up, under the right circumstances.

I saw similar public displays of affection (or down right groping) when I lived in Spain. In Spain it usually took place in bars. The explaination there was that since people generally lived at home until they married, and often did not have cars, they were limited in there options.

Follow the link for more making out in the park.

Election’s Erections

Repetition can be funny.

Repetition can be funny.

Repetition can be funny.

It is election season and having offered my own trivial observations on the Argentine elections, I thought I’d move on to the Chilean elections. Near our hotel in Santiago there is a traffic rotary with hundreds of identical or nearly identical signs erected. It looks like a bit like a big brother for office campaign. Even better it is not just one loco politico, there are several.

I can’t really believe that this sort of (forgive the pun) in your face advertising works, but perhaps it does.