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Jonathan jumping off a cliff. As I continue catching up on my backlog of adventures I return you to Zambia. . . We had a great time in Livingstone, Zambia. It is the adventure capital of Zambia and possibly Africa as a whole. There is everything from micro lights to Bungee jumping. We had a blast white water rafting on the Zambezi (a category five river) and [cefetin 500mg pills $191.00] then spending a few days chilling out at Jungle Junction (an island in the Zambezi 30 miles from Livingstone) and finally doing the "Gorge Swing". The Gorge Swing is an alternative to the famous bungee jump from the bridge across the gorge that divides Zambia from Zimbabwe. Calling it the gorge swing is about as accurate as referring to a bungee bounce. While you bounce when you bungee and you do swing on the gorge swing, neither is really the point. What you really do is free fall for 4 seconds off the edge of a cliff and then "swing" to stop you from hitting the river bed below. It is quite a thrill. For the same price as the Bungee we booked a full day of rapelling, zip lines and "swinging". It was a lot of fun and great exercise too, because what they don't tell you in the ads is that after you get down, it is a 15 minute walk and 90 meter climb back up. The video was too good to pass up so we ponied up for the DVD as well cefetin 500mg cefetin 500mg pills $191.00 pills $191.00, but as part of the deal I made the guy pull out some clips for the web site. The clip below shows me and then Soyan and me jumping together. Watch my mouth as I fall and you can clearly see me say: "How fun!" If you can't see the video try downloading it here: (requires Quicktime. Or check out the photos below. ) Here are photos from the day:

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