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Life is short, burn something. I am not sure where I first heard about Burning man, but I have wanted to go for a few years. Last year before setting out on the first leg of our trip I had contemplated going, but we had already made plans to go to Acadia. This year we finally made it. It was as exciting and exotic as any place we have been. So what is Burning man? To say it is annual festival in the desert of Northern Nevada is to say that that sex is the human behavior we evolved to encourage procreation. It is succinct and accurate, but it doesn’t give you a very good idea of what to expect. Burning Man is an extreme camping trip. Extreme, in the sense of extreme sports –- it is a series of high energy spectacles, each striving to impress and [effexor 37.5mg pills $190.00] amaze, to astound and delight. It doesn’t push the boundaries, it tries to convince you that the notion that boundaries is passe. It is a magnificent mash up of survivalists and stilt walkers. Part Woodstock and part Las Vegas. Part Fourth of July and part Halloween. It is part Cirque du Soleil effexor 37.5mg pills $190.00, and part “Pimp my Ride”. It is an art happening and a science fair. A burlesque show and tell. A place to birth your art and a place to burn your art. A sculpture garden of earthly delights. A commune for libertarians. A guided meditation and an Ibizan rave. It is home for hipsters and hippies. A temple for technophiles and technophobes. It is a parade for maniacal mechanics and misfits in outfits. It is a stage for dusty jugglers and sunburned jigglers. A playground for queens and greens. A party for junkies and yogis. A laboratory for the chic and the geek. An experiment for anarchists and city planners. It is all these things, all at once. Black Rock city, as the city is know, is a vibrant city with a peak population of 40, 000. It has roads and plazas, neighborhoods and zoning. There is an airstrip, a TV station, a half dozen radio stations, a daily paper and an alternative paper, a postal system, a hostel, and an uncountable number of bars and clubs. There are workshops on an astounding variety of topics, a G. E. D. program, college classes, a lecture series and a film festival. There are Shabbat services and Hindu temple. Effexor 37.5mg pills $190.00 there is a water slide, a roller rink, a ferris wheel and a mini golf course. It is all non commercial and it is all free. The city is an inferno of creativity and generosity and it is always there, as long as you only visit for one a week a year, because at the end of the effexor 37.5mg pills $190.00 week the entire city is dismantled and everything is removed returning the desert to its natural state and leaving no trace. Here are some of the photos from Burning Man. . . For more information on burning man visit

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