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Coinstar Logo A penny saved is 91. 1% of a penny if you use the coinstar machine in my local super market. Fosamax 70mg pills $381.00 for the past 8 years i have been collecting my change and sticking it in a glass jar. Then I have been dumping the glass jar in to a gallon milk jug as the jar got full. As part of the final push to reduce clutter and save on moving and storage fees before my trip, I finally took the cash to a coinstar machine. I was dreading the fee. 8. 9% seemed outrageous. When I got there I discovered that I could avoid the fee if I agreed to be paid in script, [fosamax 70mg pills $381.00] rather than cash. I had my choice of Starbucks, Linens and fosamax 70mg pills $381.00 Things, and Amazon. I took my $708. 06 payment as Amazon credit. I got a printed receipt with a code number. I want to amazon. com/coinstar and typed in the code, and *POOF* a 708. 06 gift certificate was added to my account. Thanks fosamax 70mg pills $381.00, Coinstar!

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