Travel Electronics

We all need it, some of us love it:

This is my collection of travel gear. It is not complete yet, even so, I know that it may seem obsessive to some, but I am a geek and I do love the electronics.

Garmin GPS Map 60cs
It is great for geocaching and good fo navigation. There are lots of maps you can buy (both road and national parks), but so far I have been too cheap.

By the way there is a $50 rebate before the end of May 2005.

Sony DSC-P150 Digital Camera
This is the third Sony camera of this style that I have owned and I love it. It is very small, shoot very hi res (7MP) photos and is quite durable. The newer model which I just got for my dad is the Sony DSC-P200

Apple Apple 6 GB iPod Mini Silver I love my iPod it is a great way to pass the time on planes or to listen to while I am hiking.

Canon Digital Rebel XT My first “grown up” camera. This is a terrific digital SLR that is not to0 heavy. Don’t get me wrong it is not like the point and shoot sony above, but it is not bad as these things go. I haven’t had it long, but so far I love it.

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM A too expensive, but small, powerful zoom lense for those wildlife shots.