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"I'm leaving on a jet plane and I don't know when I'll be back again. " I have just changed planes in Miami and these corny lyrics are stuck in my head. On my flight from Houston to Miami, I tried to get lisinopril 2.5mg pills $104.00 a nap. I am pretty tired since last night, I only got a few hours sleep. I was up late packing and then woke at 4:30 am to catch my flight. On the plane to Miami I had a very vivid dream. We had arrived in Miami and I discovered that had brought all sorts of additional cargo (a tarp for a tent -- not that we brought a tent, some small oriental rugs -- which we put in storage weeks ago, stacks of folder, books and papers, rice, water and countless other items). During the plane ride, she had decided that she didn't need all this extra cargo. She had deplaned leaving it under the seat and in the overhead bin. I was frantically sorting through the gear cursing her for not [lisinopril 2.5mg pills $104.00] having left it in Houston or taken it with her. In my dream I was wearing ear plugs because I had been napping (in reality I was wearing earplugs because I was still napping :) The earplugs had prevented me from realizing that the crew was about to close the airplane door for the next flight and I had not yet deplaned. I woke up trying to get the words out for them to wait for me to get off. I guess we all have our own I am not sure why I was having a stress dream though. I am delighted not just to have started our trip, but also to have ended the packing, planning, organizing etc. that has consumed us for weeks. I am now in Panama City and I am going to see a travel agent about a trip to San Blas and Boquete and then look for some famous canal! Note: I wrote the first half of this on the plane, but despite considerable effort yesterday I was not able to get posting via email working. Lisinopril 2.5mg pills $104.00 if any dreamhost / wordpress user out there can help lisinopril 2.5mg pills $104.00, i'd appreciate it. Additional note: I am not sure how it is possible because this is day one of the trip, but I am behind on my blog already. A garage sale post and a travel tech post are still coming! Photo Credit:

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