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One of the joys of travel for is meeting locals and travellers on the road. Hello Ian and Catherine proscar 5mg pills $146.00, Ronald and Barbara, everyone at Hospadaje Victor, Mauro, Gaston, Manuel, Tommy from Kasama, Kim and Kristen, my poker buddies from South Africa and to the countless other wonder people we have met along the way. Today we were lucky enough to meet a local, who is also [proscar 5mg pills $146.00] a traveller! Jackie is a Zambian that has moved to England and is on her Honeymoon here in Zambia with Michael, her new husband. She was kind enough you show us the Victoria falls and to introduce us to her cousin who works at the Zambezi Sun in marketing and PR. She was very gracious to us, but that has nothing to do with what I am going to tell you about the hotel! If you are coming to Victoria Falls and you can spend a little more than a meager backpacking budget the Zambezi Sun is a great place! Also be sure to check out Misozi's site: when planning your trip. It is $143 a night for a double (including breakfast) and while officially a three star hotel it is actually a four star hotel, but some sort of agreement with the goverment means it has to list itself as three star. It is in a national park connected to the Falls. We saw Zebras and Giraffes in our short visit. It is quite a deal. Proscar 5mg pills $146.00 victoria falls was proscar 5mg pills $146.00 beautiful, but it was a cloudy day so the photos are not as striking as those for iguassu, but here they are. . .

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