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to I love flickr! It is a great service. I use it to upload and archive my photos on my trip around the world. Sildenafil citrate warnings i use it to share them with my friends. I use it to learn about photography. I have have sponsored other users. The problem is that 2 gigs a month is not enough for me. It is not enough for three reasons: I take lots of photos. I take high resolution photos. Some months I can´t get a good connection and the photos back up so I have to upload them the next month. I wrote to flickr and explained my problem and asked to pay more. A very helpful flickr rep told me that I could not buy more upload capacity, but he reset my account for me so I could upload more that month. It was very much appreciated. The problem is that this was a one time deal. I have purchased a second flickr account in the mean time sildenafil citrate warnings, but this is really inconvenient. Now I have to remember in which account I put a particular photo. I have to tell friends to look in two places. People who discover me through flickr will only find half of my photos. etc. etc. etc. I understand that people who use the full monthly allocation of bandwidth are the exception. They cost more than the average user. If they want double the bandwidth they should pay more than double. That is fair! I am hereby offering to pay flickr $75/year (triple the normal price) for double the upload capacity. Or even better I´ll pay $100 (quadruple the price) for triple the normal upload capacity. Hopefully will see this and somebody at flickr will take notice (and my money). All photos used in the above are flickr photos licensed under the creative commons license. Thank you to: for the dear photo. for the eye photo. for [sildenafil citrate warnings] the letter W photo. for the plus sildenafil citrate warnings sign photo (times two) and the letter W photo. for the ant photo. for the two photo. for the pay photo. for the letter M photo. for the oar photo. for the money photo.

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