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Indian Food I was delighted to learn that Durban has the largest Indian community outside of India. While this is an interesting fact to share with unsuspecting family and friends, I was excited because I love Indian food. We had excellent Indian food in Tanzania, but that was more than a month ago and we were ready for some more. We picked up recent Frommer's Guide to Southern Africa from a book exchange in Zambia, and decided to try the synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 2 "must visit" Indian restaurants in Durban. When I called to make a reservation at Gulpur, I go an error about the number being invalid, but I attributed this to my lack of prowess at navigating the South African phone system. When we arrived at the specified address last night, we found a new restaurant in place of the one we were looking for. Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 i guess i should have been more confident my ability to use a phone. Instead, we settled for dinner on the patio of Tribeca restaurant synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00, surround by several tables of trendy young Indians drinking martinis and eating pizzas and burgers. Tonight we once again set out to try the other mustn't miss Indian restaurant: Jaipur Palace, and found we were a week too late for its closing party. I guess Indian food isn't as popular with Indians as it is with us. Determined, we went to Little India a restaurant passed on our trip to the Musgrave [synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00] Center. The Mutton Vindaloo was excellent, the Aloo Mutter and the Chicken Sagwala were pretty good, but we were delighted none the less. Little India is located at: 155 Musgrave Road, Durban. (031) 201-1121 by used under Creative Commons license.

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