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I began building the first of my three companies my junior year at the University of Chicago, and I have been hard at work at the practice of entrepreneurship ever since. It has been an exciting and fulfilling experience, but also a challenging and tiring one. The highs have filled me with an elation that far exceeds my rush from skydiving for my 30th birthday. The lows were so devastatingly painful and gut wrenchingly scary that the agony they evoked far exceeded any anxiety that accompanied my jumping out of a plane. I am feeling reflective about all I that have learned, about myself and about entrepreneurship, because last week I tendered my resignation from the company my brother and I founded six and a half years ago. We sold the company a little more than six months ago and have been working for the acquirer since then. My last day of work will be the day I head to my 10th college reunion, and that seems to have heightened my sense that this is the end of an era. It is, after all, almost 10 years to the day, and I am leaving everything that has been my life for the better part of a decade for a series of new adventures. I am filled with enthusiasm and excitement as I look forward to the next decade and what it [tentex royal 10 tablet box $287.00] will bring. My first adventure is a year-long trip around the world with my wife, Soyan, starting in September. At the same time, I am very sad to be leaving, even more so than I imagined I'd be when I originally decided to quit. I'll miss the people I work with and an environment that is really supportive, encouraging and fun. My company has provided the pleasure and privilege to work with really outstanding people. I owe much of my success to these people and count them as not only colleagues, but tentex royal 10 tablet box $287.00 as friends. I hope I have given these people half as much as I have learned from them, and that we get an opportunity to work together again. I don't want my rosy retrospective glasses to lead anyone to think that our company was perfect. It was not tentex royal 10 tablet box $287.00, but through trial and error, we built something special. People who work here care about each other, both at work and outside of work. They are creative and innovative. They work hard and play hard. They are an amazing group! I am sure that the strong culture will continue. Tentex royal 10 tablet box $287.00 i hope i am lucky enough to experience something like it again in the future. When other people have left the company before me, I was always conflicted about their departures. I sincerely wished them well, but I felt a bit like they had abandoned me. I am saddened to imagine that's how people will now feel about me. I hope they know that I'll miss them terribly and that I will always treasure the time we spent together because in just the week since I resigned that has become even more clear to me.

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