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The Forbidden city lies at the very heart of Beijing. It was once the playground of the Emperor and his concubines, but since the revolution it is open to you, comrade. That is, provided you don't mind sharing it with lots of children on school field trips, bus topamax 200mg pills $151.00 loads of tourists and the out-of-town dignitary du jour. Topamax 200mg pills $151.00 despite the crowds and that large portions of the buildings are lacking upkeep and restoration, the forbidden city is quite a visual treat. The [topamax 200mg pills $151.00] crowning the tile seams over each corner of the buildings are my favorites. You can tell the rank of a building (and presumably its occupants) by the number of animals lined up on each corner. The highest ranked building in the Forbidden City topamax 200mg pills $151.00, The hall of Supreme Harmony, had an astounding 11 animal ornaments. You can see a selection of

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