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Since July of last year has been legal in Vegas, but here in South Africa I stumbled across a more subtle and insidious version. Soyan and I had a coffee and a light breakfast at Caffe Magnifico. When I got the bill, the folder was adorned with an ad both inside and out. It read:

BEFORE YOU PAY Check if this is a free bill. I like free, but as I well know there is always a catch. . . I read on: Sms the code "12396" to the number 36706 and receive your SMS reply It went on to say: FREE BILL? Call your waitron now! Show your winning sms! Your bill is paid! R5 [about a 85 cents US] per SMS Terms and conditions apply Maximimum value of Free Bill is R500 [About $85 USD] FBSA may contact you with information via SMS Powered by itouch Now wait a minute, for a bet of about a buck, I could get a "free bill". Even at the maximum bill size I had better win at least 1 in 100 times to break even. Given the size of my actual bill I better win more like one in 10 times. Oh yeah, and by the way I have to agree to get "information" via SMS. I wonder what kind of information, ads perhaps? While this doesn't seem like a good deal for the consumer, it is an interesting little business idea. I have to admit I was almost taken in. I asked the waitress if anybody ever wins. Vigora 100mg pills $182.00 she said she had not seen anybody win a free bill vigora 100mg pills $182.00, but she had seen people get a prize / coupon for free coffee. This is an interesting little business if you can get the cell phone companies to bill [vigora 100mg pills $182.00] for you, avoid being classified as gambling, and find resturants to play along. I went to the web site to investigate. They bill it as a "zero cost revenue-generating product for restaurants and retailers. FREE BILL is a staff motivational product, business development, marketing, free advertising and publicity tool. FREE BILL is a fun time concept and a database accumulator for restaurants and retailers AND a FREE loyalty program introduced to restaurants and retailers. " I wonder what the restaurant's cut is? I like the loyalty program bit. It sounds like it could mesh well with something like a US based service that "turns the cell phone you're vigora 100mg pills $182.00 carrying right now into a quick and easy way to pay at stores, restaurants and more. " Mobile Lime is really a customer loyalty tool masquerading as a cell phone payment system. Of course, if you can get people to sign up by offering them a "free bill" that could be interesting too.

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